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Bruce's Provasil Story

Bruce, 69
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Actual Customer

Bruce is 69 years old, living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Before Bruce started taking Provasil, he was having severe issues with his memory - it was so bad, that he often couldn’t even remember events from the day before.

Bruce was finding it increasingly difficult to recall important names and numbers and figuring out where he was going in the car became such a problem that his wife had to start driving everywhere instead. You can only imagine what a devastating effect this had on his quality of life.

Bruce had tried numerous expensive prescription pills without success before discovering Provasil, which costs just a fraction of what he had been paying for those other products.

Within just 3-5 months of taking Provasil, Bruce tells us that his memory has greatly improved and many areas of his life have changed dramatically; not only does he hardly ever need to look at the calendar to see if he has appointments, but he remembers all daily tasks with ease - and yes, his wife also lets him drive the car now!