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Provasil Contest Winners

A big thank you to everyone who entered the sweepstakes!

The lucky entrants listed below all won a 3-month supply of Provasil, our maximum strength cognitive health support supplement that boosts memory, enhances brainpower, and keeps your mind sharp!

Check back here or follow us on Facebook where we announce the winner every Monday!

September 2020 Winner

  • Stan Dixon (Week of 14th Sept to 20th Sept)
  • Cindy Bergin (Week of 21th Sept to 27th Sept)
  • Esther Finch (Week of 28th Sept to 04th Oct)

October 2020 Winner

  • Esther Finch (Week of 28th Sept to 04th Oct)
  • Lilly Rose (Week of 05th Oct to 11th Oct)
  • Joyce Garrett (Week of 12th Oct to 18th Oct)
  • Robert Cady (Week of 19th Oct to 25th Oct)
  • Charles Brown (Week of 26th Oct to 1st Nov)

November 2020 Winner

  • Steven Moore (Week of 2nd Nov to 8th Nov)
  • Betty Ellington (Week of 9th Nov to 15th Nov) 
  • Julie Kenary (Week of 16th Nov to 22nd Nov)
  • Rob Benvenisti (Week of 23rd Nov to 29th Nov)

December 2020 Winner

  • Leonard Helfand (Week of 30th Nov to 6th Dec)
  • Carol Albee (Week of 7th Dec to 13th Dec)
  • Elizabeth Butler (Week of 14th Dec to 20th Dec)
  • Antonio Rios (Week of 21st Dec to 27th Dec)
  • Tracy Nasser (Week of 28th Dec to 3rd Jan)

January 2021 Winner

  • Karen Lewis (Week of 4th Jan to 10th Jan)
  • Madeline Paul (Week of 11th Jan to 17th Jan)
  • Paula Knudson (Week of 18th Jan to 24th Jan)
  • Sophia Pickett (Week of 25th Jan to 31st Jan)

February 2021 Winner

  • Michael Frohlich (Week of 1st Feb to 7th Feb)
  • Tami Bouchard (Week of 8th Feb to 14th Feb)
  • Kathy Munk (Week of 15th Feb to 21st Feb)